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Company introduction


TONG LI TECH Co., Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of electrospinning machines, ranging from lab-scale setups and pilot production equipment to mass-production machines for both polymer solutions and melts.


Tongli Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, and is a leading professional manufacturer of high-voltage electrospinning machines worldwide. It was founded by experienced engineers and nanomaterial experts who had worked in Japan for many years. The company has a team of excellent mechanical and materials engineers who specialize in the development, production, and sales of micro and nano materials and related equipment. The company has established cross-cooperation with many domestic and foreign universities and has extensive technical support. Currently, TONGLI TECH has established multiple industry-academia cooperation bases with the University of Manchester, the College of Materials Science and Engineering of Shenzhen University, and the College of Mechanical and Control Engineering of Shenzhen University, among others.


TONGLI TECH has been dedicated to the spirit of craftsmanship for nearly a decade, always adhering to the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation, and constant improvement of product functionality and quality. With market demand as its guide, TONGLI TECH has earned high recognition from customers along the way. Located in the high-tech industrial park of Shenzhen, the company benefits from strong innovation capabilities and market vitality, and is one of the three national innovation bases. With its unique geographical advantages and years of industry exploration by the team, TONGLI TECH Co., Ltd. has stood out in the industry.


Tongli Nano Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing users in the micro and nano materials and equipment industry with the most powerful and best-performing advanced equipment and the highest-quality materials. The equipment includes high-voltage electrospinning machines, nano-spraying machines, and 3D micro-nano direct writing machines. Customers are located in over 1000 famous universities, research institutions, and related enterprises worldwide, and the company has successfully applied mass production machines in industries such as biomedicine, battery diaphragms, and filtration membranes. The materials include various high-purity micro and nano materials, electrospinning solutions, polymers and more.