High voltage supply device for Electrospinning


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  • TL-HV is engineered for electrospinning applications suitable for both laboratory and industrial settings. This high-voltage DC/DC power supply features an expansive range of adjustable output voltages, complemented by integrated over-current and short-circuit protection systems. It accommodates an AC input of 100~240V, and its output voltage is adjustable. A range of models is available to meet diverse requirements, including the following models,


TL-HV-30K: 0~30KV
TL-HV-40K: 0~40KV
TL-HV-50K: 0~50KV
TL-HV-N20K: -20KV~0
TL-HV-N30K: -30KV~0
TL-HV-N50K: -50KV~0

A high voltage supply device is a crucial component in the field of electrospinning, playing a pivotal role in the production of nanofibers. This device is designed to generate and maintain the high voltage necessary to create the electrostatic forces required in the electrospinning process. The high voltage supply ensures a stable and controlled environment, enabling the transformation of polymer solutions or melts into fine, continuous fibers with diameters in the nanometer range. These devices often feature adjustable voltage settings, allowing for precise control over the fiber formation process. This level of control is essential for ensuring the consistency and quality of the nanofibers produced, which are used in a variety of applications ranging from medical to industrial. The high voltage supply, therefore, is not just a power source but a critical tool in advancing the capabilities and applications of electrospinning technology.

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